Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

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The folks at Cabin Creek Acres will use this space to tell you about some of the items we use on the farm and in our lives. Many items are available for purchase, and we'll post links to them. These links may be affiliate links, which means our little farm might earn a few bucks from your purchase. We appreciate your support!


Web Guy here. And my cat’s name is Sookie, named after the character in True Blood.

Sookie has been with us for almost a year, having been relocated from her home in an orchard where she roamed about, eating cider donuts. Yes, that’s true. She was a stray who loved her some cider donuts. But the orchard owners wanted her to have a real home, and via Mama Bonnie and friends, Sookie made her way to our home.

Recently, Sookie hopped up for a scratch, and fleas were everywhere! She never had them this bad before, and I’m still not sure where they came from, but it was now my mission to eradicate the little beasties. Her infestation was so bad, I called the vet and got the high-priced stuff that you drop onto your pet’s neck. Well, that was an awful experience. It made Sookie itch like mad, and she didn’t sleep for 2 days while she was miserable, then she was exhausted for another few days. I read that this is a common side-effect of the treatment. I read other things too that made me feel awful that I gave it to her. The last straw – it didn’t kill all the fleas.

Within a week, fleas were attacking in full force and that awful medicine couldn’t be given for another 3 weeks, so I looked for an alternative. I had used a Neem oil spray on her before, and after a lot of research, I bought a Neem oil shampoo. Sookie was in for a bath.

She hates baths.

Like I read, a put on a generous amount of the shampoo and rubbed it everywhere I could for at least 5 minutes. Now, this is a bit gross, but fleas were dying all around us, falling into the tub and on my hands. And, eww, fleas desperate to survive the battle were crawling all over her face and nose, seeking out places where it was neem free. Poor Sookie, covered in shampoo with fleas all over her face, and me grabbing at them, throwing them down the drain. Just a few minutes more, Sook, just a few minutes more.

Rinse. Rinse. Rinse. My poor drowned cat.

But dead fleas were dropping of her and being flushed away. After I dried her off, dead fleas were in the towel and on the floor. Sookie hopped up into my lap a while later and left me a present, more dead fleas. Disgusting! I figured she would get another bath in a few days.

Well, it didn’t take that long. Sookie spotted the neighborhood cats the other night and made a run for the door. ZOOOM! Cats were scrambling everywhere, and she was gone. A half-hour later, a triumphant Sookie came back and was rewarded with another dunk in the tub. More shampoo. Scrub scrub scrub. There weren’t nearly as many dead fleas this time, but we still got a few.

It’s a few days later, and Sookie has a straggler on her that I can’t get, but we’re going to have another bath soon. She’s doing so much better, and the Need shampoo smells nice too. She’s much happier.

Oh, we’re also tackling the fleas in the house so she doesn’t get infested again. Fleas are gross!

The Need Protect Shampoo is what I used, and it’s available on Amazon for a but less what I paid at the local co-op.

Try a little Need spray on your pet first to see how they react to it. It’s also great for less severe flea infestations.

Our Webcam

The first item we’re putting into our Shoppe is the webcam we use to stream the animals on the farm. I thought you’d like a little background on the camera before we send you to Amazon to buy your own. So you are aware, our link to Amazon will send us a few dollars if you decide to purchase a webcam. Thanks for your support.

In 2009, we decided to put a camera in the barnyard. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We needed to computer that could survive in the outdoors. We needed a camera that could survive the weather. And we needed a way to connect that computer to the internet.

Luckily, a friend had an old notebook computer with a busted screen, but it otherwise worked. So we tore off the screen and set it up to be controlled remotely. We connected a WiFi antenna. And we stuck it all in a vented Tupperware-like container that we screwed to fence post. Not elegant, but it worked!


Webcam in the barnyard

Our webcam setup in the barnyard.

Aside from the donkey rubbing against it and tearing off the cover a few times, this solution worked.

After doing a lot of research, we decided on a webcam from Logitech. It’s attached to the fence post with electrical tape. You could say we did a lot of improvising, and improving as we went along.

The camera took a lot of punishment, in the rain, the heat, the cold of winter, and we had to replace it from time to time, always upgrading to the next model Logitech. We weatherproofed, put a birdhouse on them, whatever we could to protect them.

Now in 2012, we currently have our camera aimed at bunnies in a corncrib shelter. The notebook computer has been replaced with a new mini-tower PC running Windows 7. It has plenty of power, and we upgraded the WiFi.

The BunnyCam PC setup

A mini-tower PC running Windows 7, streaming to Ustream from under the corncrib. Wireless-G sends it to the house nearby.

Webcam Watches Bunny

Here’s our Logitech C905 on a flexible tripod, watching over the bunnies.

We’re currently using a few Logitech C905’s, which are small, but have great quality. We’re able to put them safely in with the bunnies – the USB wire is wrapped so they can’t chew them up. We’ve tried to use more than 1 camera at a time, but Windows doesn’t like that at all, so don’t even try.

We stream to using the free Ustream Producer program, available for Mac and Windows. Ustream let’s you stream for free. They do insert ads from time to time, but that’s okay.

You can buy the Logitech C905 using our affiliate link, right here, and we’ll get a few dollars for that.

But, we are saving our pennies for a new camera from Logitech called the HD Pro Webcam C920. It’s supposed to be great quality, and has encoding built in, which means less strain on the computer. Here’s the link if you want to buy the latest and greatest and help us earn some dollars towards our own.

We hope you enjoyed looking behind the scenes of our little operation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact page.