Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Storm! Camera down for a few days, but…

A wicked storm blew through Cabin Creek Acres yesterday, and the computer and camera had to be rescued from the sheets of rain tearing across the fields. The bunnies are fine, and so are the rest of the animals at Cabin Creek Acres, but a single tree in the middle of the field didn’t make it.

In other weather news, it’s starting to get cold…brrrrrr… at night. And new babies are due soon. So the bunnies may be moving inside so their little ones are protected from the chill. Bunnies you say? Yep… there may be more than one new set of babies in the coming days. We can only wait and see.

So, the webcam is down for now as we reconfigure things, but it’ll be back up in time for any potential bouncing baby bunnies. Just keep checking back. Thanks!

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