Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles


You may wonder if the other animals at Cabin Creek Acres are being ignored?  How can they be?  They certainly can set up a ruckus when they hear the tractor start, that means food!GEDC0431Despite the messy weather, they prefer outside, Bullseye and Hinny share….unlike Princess.GEDC0432Don’t you wonder when Hillary will finally pop?  Her favorite pastime is guarding all the hay for herself.GEDC0435 there are other critters too. This is Speed, he escaped his cage last August..  Finally we caught him, and he has his own condo.  Don’t know why he sits in one corner, this area is about 6 feet long and four feet wide.  After the great outdoors, I guess he needs security.GEDC0433 This is Rachel’s nest, she turned her food dish into a nesting box, just like last year, seems too early and too cold, but she must know what she is doing, she hatched 8 last year.  The other big ducks are laying also, there is a nest in the goat house and one in the hay barn.   Even after the lambs are all born, the arrivals will continue at Cabin Creek Acres.

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