Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Happenings at Cabin Creek Acres

So much has been going on, no time to get to computer!  The rain keeps coming, grass keeps growing, as do all the critters!

IMG_0011Everybody content!

IMG_0079  The flowers almost have to take care of themselves, the critters don’t.

IMG_0124 Scarlett needs a lift back to her house, at the end of a long day nibbling grass.  She is a bottle fed baby that just doesn’t accept the fact she is a lamb.

IMG_0133  Then, the birth of some new baby rabbits, Mamma is Speed, the runaway, that managed to out smart us for six months before we caught her…..She is doing well, mothering her three babies.

IMG_0162IMG_0157 There in the distance, you can see the latest addition, Princess had a baby boy, again, on June 1st., (her last, Toby, was also born on June 1st,) which happens to be our Grandson’s birthday!  More and better pictures to come.

Bullseye and Cupcake are due to foal in the coming days, so keep watch!  Now back to work!

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