Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

good grief, it’s HOT!

It doesn’t matter where the camera is turned, you won’t see a critter, or a farmer for that matter….the sky won’t give up a bit of moisture, it’s too hot today do anything but complain about it!  Will we remember this in January?

For some reason, the ducks love it.  The sheep don’t go in the sheds, they lay outside, along the siding…can’t figure why.  Hardly eating, until sundown, then let the munching begin.  The horses lean over the fences to see what’s green on the other side, so far, the planter on the gate has had a trim, as well as all the comfrey growing along the pasture fence.  I have given them sunflowers, Hinny loves zinnias….looks like he’s eating a ladies hat when he downs one.  

The chickens are holding out on the eggs, still eating, though.

Raspberries are ripening, more every day.  Can’t quite get to the production my Dad used to get, but working at it.  Lots to eat, freeze and share, looks like a couple more weeks worth.  If it rains…..?

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