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Stuff Shoppe

Fleas and Web Guy’s Cat

Want to know how to get rid of fleas on your pet? Read all about what I went through with my cat Sookie in our Stuff Shoppe, and then check out the Neem oil spray and shampoo with our affiliate links. Kill some fleas, and we’ll make a few dollars. Thanks!

Our Stuff Shoppe is Open – Behind the Scenes of our Webcam

We’ve added a new section to our site, called the Stuff Shoppe. This is where we can tell you about some of the things we use and like on the farm. We’ll put links to where you can buy these items as well, and sometimes we’ll get a few dollars from your purchase by our affiliate links. If an item is available on Amazon – that’s where we’ll probably send you to.

Our first item in the Stuff Shoppe is the webcam we use to live stream the bunnies and the barnyard. So we thought we’d take you behind the scenes a bit and show you how we got started streaming, and what camera we use. See more by going to our Stuff Shoppe in the link above.

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