Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Cabin Creek Acres steams!

6:00a.m. And it’s hot already, every animal is hiding, waiting for me to bring them something to eat rather than waste THEIR energy grazing!  Puddles the donkey just made it clear he wouldn’t wait much longer, he knows the nice Hay Man filled the barn with their favorite food….

Saturday was time for the bunnies to go to forever homes.  One was lucky enough to go home with the Ice Cream Lady, Lucky Bunny!  We are now waiting for Pearl, the Magic Rabbit, to give birth.

Still raking up debri and cleaning gardens from the hailstorm we experienced.  Not as bad as some areas, but my pumpkins look like a giant stomped through the patch…so much for Fall decor!

Time to get moving, lots to do!

Windy Day

Its a blustery day here at Cabin Creek Acres.  The bunnies fur is blowing, although it keeps them livelier than the heat.  

The sheep,have hidden, the horses have taken to the barn, it looks like the farm is abandoned today.  Only the howl of the wind, hope the hollyhocks keep standing and the apples don’t blow off the tree.  

Cooling off

What a day at Cabin Creek Acres!   Everybody lazy, now the sun is going down, the bunnies are active again, and the horses are back out to pasture.  The short burst of rain today just added another shade of green.  The sheep were still,lying about until a minute ago, now the munching sound is competing with the birds!

Misty Day

Early morning, all is quiet, the fog did not roll out overnight, spooky. All the critters have stayed asleep…..wish I did

Moving again

Emma, Oscar and Keegan have moved back with the big sheep…..more places to explore, so bunnies are back on camera, celebrating the Fourth of July at Cabin Creek Acres, we thought the sun was supposed to shine, U.S. It too early?

Gloomy Day

Everybody hiding, gosh it’s wet out there, and buggy, say where the fan is.  

Any way we can push this to the drought stricken areas? 

It Worked!

moved the camera on the go this morning for the first time.  Hinny saw me coming and moved right into camera range, ready for a close-up.  For such a shy critter, he is quite the ham.

They have to stay in until sundown, they are bored, have already eaten their allotment of hay, probably for the next two days, and spent at least a half hour each trying their luck at picking the lock on the hay barn.  The sheep have decided sleeping the day away is the best way to combat hunger and boredom and this lousy weather….maybe not such a bad idea for the rest of us?

Camera on the Go!

a little ingenuity and a few minutes effort and we now have one camera on wheels!  We can chase these critters all over Cabin Creek Acres given enough lead cord.  For now they are locked behind gates, partly due to bad weather coming, partly due to pasture being a bit too lush.  Even their Jenny Craig pasture provides too many calories….especially when they look too hard 

This WAS a Rose of Sharon that was tall, now reduced due to being used as a salad bar.

  From the barn, I tempt them with my flowers, so far, knock wood, no escapes this year.  Our apple tree has hung onto its apples.  First time for everything! 

Cabin Creek Acres has BOTH cameras working

we love to show off the silly critters here at the farm.  Cabin Creek Acres is home to miniature Babydoll sheep.  Camera one shows the three baby lambs playing, sometimes, in their private pasture. If it gets hot, they head for their own little barn, staying there till the sun goes down.  

Camera two, right now, is catching the antics of four baby lionhead bunnies and Mamma Speed.  Soon they will be ready for new homes.  We are getting ready for the day by putting this camera on a portable stand.  Soon we will be able to move it all over as time, energy and amenable animals permit.  

Stay tuned, the horses, Hinny, and of course, the King of the barnyard, Puddles the Donkey await their time on camera

Lambs For Sale

Twins, Emma and Oscar, and their cousin, Keegan, all ready for new homes

Registered NABSSAR, Oscar is a beautiful Ram, but could be wethered if you want a pair.

Keegan is a single ewe.   

     Aren’t we cute!  Contact Cabin Creek Acres for a Farm visit.

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