Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Big whoops!

I must have been alittle groggy in all the excitement last night….my ewes is a ram!  

Closer inspection this morning, in daylight, revealed the truth, still cute, still happy and healthy.  It’s raining now, so they won’t be coming outside, although mamma Sally is already pretty tired of their nonsense , jumping all over her like she is a rec room couch.  

Finally, new lambs!

Twins, from Sally, a ewe, black, and a white ram.  The Dad is our new Ram, Apollo, and Sally had exactly the same pair she always has!  Healthy, happy up and feeding.  I bred for late lambing this year, we have had such harsh winters, of course this one was easy. How nice though going out for barn checks without freezing!
Camera is up and running.  You will see them running about by tomorrow.
Also here at cabin Creek Acres are new ducks, chicks and bunnies.  Busy days!

The cameras are back up

The cameras are up! Look for new babies!

Two ewes

Start a flock of registered Babydolls. Off white, eat fro, your hand tame, born this spring. Babydolls stay small easy to handle, great mothers. Mamma one

Need a Pal?

I have two little off white fellows that would make terrific  barn buddies or lawn mowers.  Friendly, eat from your hand.  Have that wonderful teddy bear smile of a Babydoll Southdown.  Easy keepers, we like to go in pairs, so let’s strike a deal!

good grief, it’s HOT!

It doesn’t matter where the camera is turned, you won’t see a critter, or a farmer for that matter….the sky won’t give up a bit of moisture, it’s too hot today do anything but complain about it!  Will we remember this in January?

For some reason, the ducks love it.  The sheep don’t go in the sheds, they lay outside, along the siding…can’t figure why.  Hardly eating, until sundown, then let the munching begin.  The horses lean over the fences to see what’s green on the other side, so far, the planter on the gate has had a trim, as well as all the comfrey growing along the pasture fence.  I have given them sunflowers, Hinny loves zinnias….looks like he’s eating a ladies hat when he downs one.  

The chickens are holding out on the eggs, still eating, though.

Raspberries are ripening, more every day.  Can’t quite get to the production my Dad used to get, but working at it.  Lots to eat, freeze and share, looks like a couple more weeks worth.  If it rains…..?

gospel choir.pdfIs Summer Over?

Can it be?  September is here, the hay is in, corn and grains put up, time to get ready for the leaves to drop.  Today the sheep got a treat, Jerusalem artichoke, they love them, and some sunflowers.  Nothing like cleaning the gardens and doing double duty.

We have some new baby chicks, even though our last batch haven’t started laying yet.  Easter eggers!  The kids will love them.  Our Ruuner ducks have grown a little bolder, so they explore during the day, good for bug catching, and put themselves away for safety at night, we only have to lock the fence!

Hot and dry, less mowing, so time to do house chores, painting, staining, scrubbing, oh, my.

Where’s the critters?

it looks like they’ve abandoned the pastures forever, but come back and look towards sundown, all sorts of happy campers start chomping then.  I wish you could hear the sheep! They are not quiet.  They move in one determined line to get all the green.  Funny thing about sheep, people keep them as lawn mowers, but if you dont have enough and a weed pops up, they walk right around it.  Sometimes I have to mow before they will graze!  Spoiled babies!

Storms are coming

early morning here at Cabin Creek acres. All the critters are taking advantage of the cool air, grazing with warp,speed to get all they can before the rains come. 

Cabin Creek Acres T Night

sometimes it gets so busy here I forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of our space.  I just checked the cameras, it’s my job to run out to reset if one freezes, or the weather interferes,  so I got to see through the camera eye how prett the fields look as the sun is setting.  So peaceful, quiet, a wonderful place to be at the end of a busy week, where lots of things went wrong.  Nice to still be happy for the blessing of this little piece of heaven.

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