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Olde English BabyDolls

Cabin Creek Babies are growing up!

Hard to believe a couple babies will be leaving for their forever home soon.  The mamma’s are leaving them to their own devices more and more, they show real independence when being moved from pen to pasture.  No more running nicely along with mamma, lured by the rattle of some grain in a bucket.  Now they scamper off, not caring about rules, fences, grain, or mamma, they see PANSIES!  That’s dessert in lamb language!

Newest arrivals

The first to find their forever home ……Wiley, a black wether, and Paisley, a mottled ewe,. Since she isn’t black and isn’t white, she can’t be registered, but boy is she loved by her new owner who visits often until they can go home with her


It’s Baby Miss Mellie

Born on March 6th to Mama Baby.

Here’s a picture of Miss Mellie in her Cabin Creek Cozy – keepin’ warm.


Watch for 2014 LAMBS!

By the looks for some of our very FAT ewes, we have lambs coming any day now!  A very exciting time, exhausting, as I can’t keep from running to the barn to investigate.  They are holding out on me, especially Shirley, who I thought would have had at least triplets by now!

Stay tuned.  Pictures will be up immediately.  Hopefully, as many ewes as last year! 

For SALE or TRADE:  Chunky and Harry, my two rams, both black.  I would like a white ram in exchange. 

Moving Day at Cabin Creek Acres

The sun finally came out, the grass, short as it is, is green, and it was past time to move out of the sheep shed and  get busy trimmingGEDC0527

it really tired them out, GEDC0528 never mind how I feelGEDC0533 Time for a snackGEDC0535 Wide open spaces feel sooooo good.

Cabin Creek’s newest baby has a name!


Although her mamma, Miss Priss, is still not thrilled with her, I am.  She is a bundle of energy.  I keep making Miss Priss nurse her, but I still might wind up bottle feedingGEDC0499 So at least she has a name…meet Scarlett…Miss Priss was not named for a character from Gone With the Wind, but since she is a reluctant participant, her name fits, and so, thinking tomorrow will be a better day, welcome, Scarlett.

Cabin Creek Acres, New Baby, doing fine

GEDC0497Up and around, had a drink or two, looking goodGEDC0500New Coat, now a name

Busy Morning At Cabin Creek Acres

Good thing I went out to check on the status at the sheep shed this morning, Miss Priss was ready, finally!  Just got her into the barn, so she would have privacy and she presented us with a little ewe!  GEDC0493Big!  Miss Priss’s mother did not take well to her, so she was raised in the house by me.  GEDC0494 As you can see, Miss Priss is more interested in her snack than in her baby, so I’ll watch carefully for bonding, don’t want to interfere to quickly.  Hopefully instinct will take over.

Of course, it is chilly today, but at least she wasn’t born in the terrible rain we had yesterday.

Watch for more postings as she gets up and around.

Harry and Sally in the nursery at Cabin Creek Acres

GEDC0474 There they are, so comfy and cozy in the Nursery, they have been waiting there turn patiently to live in front of the camera!

Harry and Sally on Barn Cam at Cabin Creek Acres

Watch for Harry and Sally on the Barn Cam.  They moved this morning into the nursery with their mom, Shirley and aunties, Miss Priss and Shar who are waiting for their babies to arrive, What is taking so long?  Harry and Sally got their id tags this morning and tails bopped, so they need some rest.  They found the lamb jug with extra grain speedy quick.

Hillary the goat refused to move out of the big barn, so she is all alone waiting the arrival of her kids.  She is so big it looks like triplets again.

Miss Peep and Miss Daisy moved into the sheep yard with all the mammas and babies, and they are loving it.  They are good caretakers.

Keep watching, babies should arrive any day!

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