Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Hi, from Cabin Creek Acres

It doesn’t feel like it, but it must be Spring…..two days ago, this,GEDC0523appeared in the door of the Call Duck cage.  Rachel finally put  her mind to nesting and the hatching begins!GEDC0524 this one looks like Daddy, Joey, Rachel is white.  We will be looking for homes for hem shortly.


Meanwhile, Scarlett continues to reside in the basement. GEDC0525 She doesn’t think much of confinement, but does like the bottle deliveries.  She is supposed to have one twice a day, she refuses to comply!  Our grandson has claimed her as his own, so he takes her outside for her exercise and spoils her terribly.  Wonder how returning to the lamb pen will appeal to her?  Have tried to introduce her to her cousins, and also her mother, nothing doing.


You may wonder if the other animals at Cabin Creek Acres are being ignored?  How can they be?  They certainly can set up a ruckus when they hear the tractor start, that means food!GEDC0431Despite the messy weather, they prefer outside, Bullseye and Hinny share….unlike Princess.GEDC0432Don’t you wonder when Hillary will finally pop?  Her favorite pastime is guarding all the hay for herself.GEDC0435 there are other critters too. This is Speed, he escaped his cage last August..  Finally we caught him, and he has his own condo.  Don’t know why he sits in one corner, this area is about 6 feet long and four feet wide.  After the great outdoors, I guess he needs security.GEDC0433 This is Rachel’s nest, she turned her food dish into a nesting box, just like last year, seems too early and too cold, but she must know what she is doing, she hatched 8 last year.  The other big ducks are laying also, there is a nest in the goat house and one in the hay barn.   Even after the lambs are all born, the arrivals will continue at Cabin Creek Acres.

Moving Day!


Lil’ Nate was getting a little noisy to bring in at night, so he had to have a critter proof home, No problem as long as the Cabana went with him….he met Skeeter the Magician this morning. If he learns to behave himself, he may have a show business future.   Pearl, the Lionhead Rabbit is entertaining today…pictures later.


How relaxed can a duck be?


Right now he’s waiting to see what is going on next door.  Doesn’t look like ducks….GEDC0195

Oh, Goodness, It’s Earnie moving in with her brood., born May 27th.


Three of the five,




Thought this was was lost in transport, just tired of the activity.

Lil’ Nate has upscale digs

GEDC0185GEDC0188   Really didn’t think he would take to a cabana life style, but he did.  So funny!

Lil’ Nate

lil nate 001What a difference a day or two makes!  From rather ugly duckling, so beautiful fluffy Call Duck, Lil’ Nate is thriving.  Named by grandson, to honor his father’s birthday, we assume Lil Nate iis going to grow up at Cabin Creek Acres….We do need some homes for his brothers and sisters, however.

More Call Ducks

Six Call ducks 001The last one hatched….took up residence in the food bowlSix Call ducks 008Four more…make fiveSix Call ducks 006and mamma Rachel and peeking baby, make six….then, of course, there is number 7 who hatched in the incubator…”lil Nate” is doing well….doubt they will ever get along, so I guess he belongs as a house pet.Six Call ducks 004  So Cute, but we can’t keep them all, so please use the contact page fi you are interested in owning a Call Duck.

More surprises at Cabin Creek Acres

New baby 011We have a Call Duck, Rachel, and her hubby, Joey, who have been trying to be parents for over a year… luck.  She sits and Bsby Call Ducksits and sits and then, rolls the eggs out before they hatch.  I have heard Call Ducks are like that.  This weekend, she rolled out the first egg, and Farmer Bob picked it up and put it in the incubator.  Lo and behold, this morning much peeping was coming from inside the incubator. I thought it was the first of the chicks, but this was one crazy looking chick.  Oh, My A Duck!  So cute!

New baby 010

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