Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

All is well at Cabin Creek Acres


All the lambs in the new lamb pen are healthy, happy, and feeling their oats.GEDC0478 You really need to see Aggie close-up…what a set of eyebrows!


GEDC0485  Added a new lamb-creep to the pen, that’s so the babies have their own grain and don’t have to fight mammas to get some….oh, my mistake!


I think tomorrow, Harry and Sally will come out and join the crowd, maybe by then, Shar and Miss Priss will have produced their offspring. My last holdouts!

Harry and Sally in the nursery at Cabin Creek Acres

GEDC0474 There they are, so comfy and cozy in the Nursery, they have been waiting there turn patiently to live in front of the camera!

New Arrivals at Cabin Creek Acres


After the rodeo I had this morning moving sheep, and HiGEDC0470Illary the goat would not move out of the big barn, no wonder!   TWIN GIRLS  sometime around noon.  I went in the house to take care of a few things, and she surprised me!GEDC0476 Here they are in their cozies, all ready up and around and nursing.  Hillary has always been a good mother, but these are her first girls!  Even her triplets last year were all boys.

Harry and Sally on Barn Cam at Cabin Creek Acres

Watch for Harry and Sally on the Barn Cam.  They moved this morning into the nursery with their mom, Shirley and aunties, Miss Priss and Shar who are waiting for their babies to arrive, What is taking so long?  Harry and Sally got their id tags this morning and tails bopped, so they need some rest.  They found the lamb jug with extra grain speedy quick.

Hillary the goat refused to move out of the big barn, so she is all alone waiting the arrival of her kids.  She is so big it looks like triplets again.

Miss Peep and Miss Daisy moved into the sheep yard with all the mammas and babies, and they are loving it.  They are good caretakers.

Keep watching, babies should arrive any day!

Busy Morning at Cabin Creek Acres

The nursery was getting a little crowded, and it was time for you to see Harry and Sally on the barn-cam, so —GEDC0459all the mammas and babies, except for Harry and Sally, have moved to larger quarters.  This, of course, required intensive labor for me. 

We use sheep sheds for shelter which were built to be moved, so that was the challenge this morning, to get it done while the ground is frozen and it slides easily.  I have gotten it down to a science!

Fort the first time the babies have room to “bounce” which is the best reason to have baby lambs!GEDC0458 This is Aggie, wearing new threads and thinking she is more than cool!  GEDC0460 separate spaces.  What sheep could want more?  Oh, yes, for the pasture to green up!

New Pictures of Harry and Sally

GEDC0449     Harry finally comes out of the corner

GEDC0448  Sally, not so shy, could it be he doesn’t like wearing Rubber Duckies?

All is well at Cabin Creek Acres.

Have to leave the farm for a bit today, those two sheep still to go, and Hillary the goat will probably choose this time to have their babies!

Now we have names for babies at Cabin Creek Acres

GEDC0438This is Sally, and you can see Harry sleeping in the back…those are Shirley’s babies

GEDC0423The poor little girls that had to wear blue, are Thelma and Louise – No pictures yet of them in their new coats, camera didn’t cooperate.

No matter how much we wish for sun, it is still yucky out, now it has added a dusting of heavy, wet snow to the mix.  So much for March, in like a Lamb!

All Is Quiet at Cabin Creek Acres

Except for having to make new jackets for a couple lambs that have outgrown their baby ones, it is an unusual quiet day.  Two more sheep to lamb, and still Hillary the goat.

She escaped today, ran hither and yon, maybe that is a sign?

Do wish the sun would come out, dry up all the leftover rain, and let my babies go out and play!


Another great day at Cabin Creek Acres…Laverne, who jumped into the nursery barn when the first babies were born, finally made her residence official.  She had Twin Girls this morning!  All is wellGEDC0423 This year’s lambing is going so much better than I expected, that I have run out of pink pajamas! GEDC0421They are so wishing for a pair!GEDC0422Do wish this wet weather would subside so they can go outside, it is getting crowded in here.GEDC0427even though Shirley’s babies live with herGEDC0430and their aunties in the big barn.  We so need the sun!


No matter how bad the weather can be, and it is a mess out there, something good comes out of it….TWINSGEDC0415as you can see, a Boy, and a Girl (ram and ewe)

Mamma is ShirleyGEDC0419 who is not bothered that her babies are running around with their Auntie’s…she is busy getting her share of grain.


GEDC0417Isn’t he cute?GEDC0416His sister is just a bit shyer.  Stayed tuned more to come, and I still have to give them names.  What a great day!

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