Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

It’s Baby Miss Mellie

Born on March 6th to Mama Baby.

Here’s a picture of Miss Mellie in her Cabin Creek Cozy – keepin’ warm.


Watch for 2014 LAMBS!

By the looks for some of our very FAT ewes, we have lambs coming any day now!  A very exciting time, exhausting, as I can’t keep from running to the barn to investigate.  They are holding out on me, especially Shirley, who I thought would have had at least triplets by now!

Stay tuned.  Pictures will be up immediately.  Hopefully, as many ewes as last year! 

For SALE or TRADE:  Chunky and Harry, my two rams, both black.  I would like a white ram in exchange. 

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