Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Cabin Creek Acres New Arrivals

Hidden away, not where they were supposed to be, this morning I found a bundle of Joy!GEDC0501

Mamma Holly finally produced her first offspring, SIX baby bunnies. 

GEDC0502Hard to tell exactly when they were born, already fat and happy.  Holly had made a tunnel out of the protective tarp I use on the floor….built a nest, instead of using the already prepared nest box, and had her babies.


I found them while I was cleaning, picked them up all bundled in their furry nest and  laid them in the box, counting five, including one little cold one that had wandered away.

Just now I thought I should check on them, especially the chilly one, and found ONE MORE!. 

Holly is a little stand-offish, but by the size of their tummies, they are being fed and cared for.   This gives me something to do in between bottle feeding Scarlett, the baby lamb and waiting for Shar the sheep to produce her baby(s).

So, even though the sun refuses to shine, and it is still cold and windy and snow-covered outside, Cabin Creek Acres is happy to welcome new arrivals.

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