Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Cabin Creek Acres is warming up!


Finally, you can go out without all the winter gear…except boots, high ones, of course. GEDC0509 The only ones enjoying the water and mud caused by the mild day are the Runner Ducks, they go from puddle to puddle, the bigger the better.GEDC0511 We know we have Runner Duck pairs, but can’t figure where they lay their eggs.  We have picked some kind of eggs up and put them in the incubator, another week or two and we will see what we get.

Meanwhile: GEDC0513Puddles and GEDC0515Princess are unimpressed, they would just like the pasture to turn a bright shade of green and the gates to open!GEDC0503 This is Hillary and her babies, who just love the feed pan as a crib…They are Tess and Teena.GEDC0506 Harry and Sally and GEDC0505 Thelma and Louise hang out with the rest of the gang.  Still no cooperation from Shar.  Maybe her babies will be born on a good, warm, sunshiny day….that would be a first!

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