Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Cabin Creek Acres has BOTH cameras working

we love to show off the silly critters here at the farm.  Cabin Creek Acres is home to miniature Babydoll sheep.  Camera one shows the three baby lambs playing, sometimes, in their private pasture. If it gets hot, they head for their own little barn, staying there till the sun goes down.  

Camera two, right now, is catching the antics of four baby lionhead bunnies and Mamma Speed.  Soon they will be ready for new homes.  We are getting ready for the day by putting this camera on a portable stand.  Soon we will be able to move it all over as time, energy and amenable animals permit.  

Stay tuned, the horses, Hinny, and of course, the King of the barnyard, Puddles the Donkey await their time on camera

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