Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Busy Morning At Cabin Creek Acres

Good thing I went out to check on the status at the sheep shed this morning, Miss Priss was ready, finally!  Just got her into the barn, so she would have privacy and she presented us with a little ewe!  GEDC0493Big!  Miss Priss’s mother did not take well to her, so she was raised in the house by me.  GEDC0494 As you can see, Miss Priss is more interested in her snack than in her baby, so I’ll watch carefully for bonding, don’t want to interfere to quickly.  Hopefully instinct will take over.

Of course, it is chilly today, but at least she wasn’t born in the terrible rain we had yesterday.

Watch for more postings as she gets up and around.

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