Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Big whoops!

I must have been alittle groggy in all the excitement last night….my ewes is a ram!  

Closer inspection this morning, in daylight, revealed the truth, still cute, still happy and healthy.  It’s raining now, so they won’t be coming outside, although mamma Sally is already pretty tired of their nonsense , jumping all over her like she is a rec room couch.  

Finally, new lambs!

Twins, from Sally, a ewe, black, and a white ram.  The Dad is our new Ram, Apollo, and Sally had exactly the same pair she always has!  Healthy, happy up and feeding.  I bred for late lambing this year, we have had such harsh winters, of course this one was easy. How nice though going out for barn checks without freezing!
Camera is up and running.  You will see them running about by tomorrow.
Also here at cabin Creek Acres are new ducks, chicks and bunnies.  Busy days!

The cameras are back up

The cameras are up! Look for new babies!

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