Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

New arrivals at Cabin Creek

It has been very busy here at cabin creek acres. Twins, Rhett and Miss Ashley arrived, much to mamma Baby’s disgust. Hence they are being bottle fed, doing very well. Very time consuming but so much fun!




Miss Mellie and Layla in the great outdoors. All the residents of the barn are really tired of snow, sleet, freezing temperatures and ice. It may be only for a little bit, but a walk outside to see the world was way past due.



Her name is……

LAYLA… means born at night, and she is a sleepy little thing, but is nursing well.
Three more to go!



Arrived this morning, mamma is Laverne, who usually has twins. Laverne is NOT the sheep I have been predicting for over a week is “any minute now”. Shirley still holding out.


Still waiting

Getting a bit tired of trekking to the barn,still no more baby lambs!
Miss Mellie took a walk in the snow with her mamma this morning, didn’t bother her at all.strong and healthy.

It’s Baby Miss Mellie

Born on March 6th to Mama Baby.

Here’s a picture of Miss Mellie in her Cabin Creek Cozy – keepin’ warm.


Watch for 2014 LAMBS!

By the looks for some of our very FAT ewes, we have lambs coming any day now!  A very exciting time, exhausting, as I can’t keep from running to the barn to investigate.  They are holding out on me, especially Shirley, who I thought would have had at least triplets by now!

Stay tuned.  Pictures will be up immediately.  Hopefully, as many ewes as last year! 

For SALE or TRADE:  Chunky and Harry, my two rams, both black.  I would like a white ram in exchange. 

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