Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

The Cabin Creek Cozy!


This is the Cabin Creek Cozy! It’s an all-purpose coat for your critter that you can make and decorate yourself.

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Princess and baby

IMG_0157 Running away

IMG_0161 Now you can see him

Happenings at Cabin Creek Acres

So much has been going on, no time to get to computer!  The rain keeps coming, grass keeps growing, as do all the critters!

IMG_0011Everybody content!

IMG_0079  The flowers almost have to take care of themselves, the critters don’t.

IMG_0124 Scarlett needs a lift back to her house, at the end of a long day nibbling grass.  She is a bottle fed baby that just doesn’t accept the fact she is a lamb.

IMG_0133  Then, the birth of some new baby rabbits, Mamma is Speed, the runaway, that managed to out smart us for six months before we caught her…..She is doing well, mothering her three babies.

IMG_0162IMG_0157 There in the distance, you can see the latest addition, Princess had a baby boy, again, on June 1st., (her last, Toby, was also born on June 1st,) which happens to be our Grandson’s birthday!  More and better pictures to come.

Bullseye and Cupcake are due to foal in the coming days, so keep watch!  Now back to work!

Moving Day at Cabin Creek Acres

The sun finally came out, the grass, short as it is, is green, and it was past time to move out of the sheep shed and  get busy trimmingGEDC0527

it really tired them out, GEDC0528 never mind how I feelGEDC0533 Time for a snackGEDC0535 Wide open spaces feel sooooo good.

Hi, from Cabin Creek Acres

It doesn’t feel like it, but it must be Spring…..two days ago, this,GEDC0523appeared in the door of the Call Duck cage.  Rachel finally put  her mind to nesting and the hatching begins!GEDC0524 this one looks like Daddy, Joey, Rachel is white.  We will be looking for homes for hem shortly.


Meanwhile, Scarlett continues to reside in the basement. GEDC0525 She doesn’t think much of confinement, but does like the bottle deliveries.  She is supposed to have one twice a day, she refuses to comply!  Our grandson has claimed her as his own, so he takes her outside for her exercise and spoils her terribly.  Wonder how returning to the lamb pen will appeal to her?  Have tried to introduce her to her cousins, and also her mother, nothing doing.

Cabin Creek Acres is warming up!


Finally, you can go out without all the winter gear…except boots, high ones, of course. GEDC0509 The only ones enjoying the water and mud caused by the mild day are the Runner Ducks, they go from puddle to puddle, the bigger the better.GEDC0511 We know we have Runner Duck pairs, but can’t figure where they lay their eggs.  We have picked some kind of eggs up and put them in the incubator, another week or two and we will see what we get.

Meanwhile: GEDC0513Puddles and GEDC0515Princess are unimpressed, they would just like the pasture to turn a bright shade of green and the gates to open!GEDC0503 This is Hillary and her babies, who just love the feed pan as a crib…They are Tess and Teena.GEDC0506 Harry and Sally and GEDC0505 Thelma and Louise hang out with the rest of the gang.  Still no cooperation from Shar.  Maybe her babies will be born on a good, warm, sunshiny day….that would be a first!

Cabin Creek Acres New Arrivals

Hidden away, not where they were supposed to be, this morning I found a bundle of Joy!GEDC0501

Mamma Holly finally produced her first offspring, SIX baby bunnies. 

GEDC0502Hard to tell exactly when they were born, already fat and happy.  Holly had made a tunnel out of the protective tarp I use on the floor….built a nest, instead of using the already prepared nest box, and had her babies.


I found them while I was cleaning, picked them up all bundled in their furry nest and  laid them in the box, counting five, including one little cold one that had wandered away.

Just now I thought I should check on them, especially the chilly one, and found ONE MORE!. 

Holly is a little stand-offish, but by the size of their tummies, they are being fed and cared for.   This gives me something to do in between bottle feeding Scarlett, the baby lamb and waiting for Shar the sheep to produce her baby(s).

So, even though the sun refuses to shine, and it is still cold and windy and snow-covered outside, Cabin Creek Acres is happy to welcome new arrivals.

Cabin Creek Acres, Scarlett moves in!

After a week of trying to make Miss Priss be a good mamma, it was decided she needed a bit of extra care..a couple extra feedings was working well, then Miss Priss gave up completely, and poor Scarlett was hungry!

GEDC0497 Scarlett now resides in the laundry room, fed with a bottle and claimed as his own by now Farmer Elijah!


She is catching up with her cousins in growth, loves her bottle, picks a little at hay and grain.  GEDC0498 Here she is trying to decide whether to push the play yard to get out, or try jumping out.  She isn’t going to stay in here long!


We are still waiting for Shar to have her baby…maybe she wants the snow to go away.  What a year!

Cabin Creek Acres, Snow, Again?

It doesn’t seem to bother the animal population at Cabin Creek Acres, but the human beans….sick of it!

Cabin Creek’s newest baby has a name!


Although her mamma, Miss Priss, is still not thrilled with her, I am.  She is a bundle of energy.  I keep making Miss Priss nurse her, but I still might wind up bottle feedingGEDC0499 So at least she has a name…meet Scarlett…Miss Priss was not named for a character from Gone With the Wind, but since she is a reluctant participant, her name fits, and so, thinking tomorrow will be a better day, welcome, Scarlett.

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