Lots of furry friends… and a donkey named Puddles

Waiting for Christmas at Cabin Creek Acres

GEDC0353  Welcome to Cabin Creek Acres, home of:

GEDC0363Puddles, who is breaking into the gifts,GEDC0355and all the other critters who make Cabin Creek Acres their home.GEDC0356Though  still not light out, every body’s looking for breakfast.GEDC0357Bullseye has her eye on grain.GEDC0360or her daughter, Cupcake, in the background snitching hay is Hinny.GEDC0359Princess is as white as snow!  This is just a small sample of the residents of Cabin Creek Acres!  The sheep are abiding in the fields and the bunnies are tucked in for the winter.  I  guess it’s too early for the chickens!

Storm! Camera down for a few days, but…

A wicked storm blew through Cabin Creek Acres yesterday, and the computer and camera had to be rescued from the sheets of rain tearing across the fields. The bunnies are fine, and so are the rest of the animals at Cabin Creek Acres, but a single tree in the middle of the field didn’t make it.

In other weather news, it’s starting to get cold…brrrrrr… at night. And new babies are due soon. So the bunnies may be moving inside so their little ones are protected from the chill. Bunnies you say? Yep… there may be more than one new set of babies in the coming days. We can only wait and see.

So, the webcam is down for now as we reconfigure things, but it’ll be back up in time for any potential bouncing baby bunnies. Just keep checking back. Thanks!

Fleas and Web Guy’s Cat

Want to know how to get rid of fleas on your pet? Read all about what I went through with my cat Sookie in our Stuff Shoppe, and then check out the Neem oil spray and shampoo with our affiliate links. Kill some fleas, and we’ll make a few dollars. Thanks!

Our Stuff Shoppe is Open – Behind the Scenes of our Webcam

We’ve added a new section to our site, called the Stuff Shoppe. This is where we can tell you about some of the things we use and like on the farm. We’ll put links to where you can buy these items as well, and sometimes we’ll get a few dollars from your purchase by our affiliate links. If an item is available on Amazon – that’s where we’ll probably send you to.

Our first item in the Stuff Shoppe is the webcam we use to live stream the bunnies and the barnyard. So we thought we’d take you behind the scenes a bit and show you how we got started streaming, and what camera we use. See more by going to our Stuff Shoppe in the link above.

Call Ducks, growing up at Cabin Creek Acres!


Joey and Rachel, that’s Mom and Dad, to the babies, are the biggest white and the multi color.GEDC0280

That’s Joey in the water, all by himself


What a happy bunch! – But we need to downsize….so Babies are for Sale!

Cabin Creek Acres’ Population changes again!

Sheep on the move 011 Part of our family left the other day to live in Saranac New York on a lovely Dairy Farm and Winery.  Zeus, Sidney and her daughter left to  form a flock of their own, sad to see them go, but so nice they were going to see more of the world, and go to work, keeping the vineyards mowed!  Next Spring we hope there will be pictures of them and the expanded family shared with us at


GEDC0258 Then we had to say goodbye to Snooze who now resides in Pittsfield Massachusetts on a beautiful farm with lots of friends, just like here at Cabin Creek Acres.  They had Merino Sheep, the Babydolls, donkeys and horses, a wonderful cow, and chickens galore.  He certainly won’t be lonely.


GEDC0271 Returning home with us is Chunky, the Grand Champion of Sheep at the Eastern States Exhibition last year.  He will be our Daddy Sheep for our lambs born in 2013.  We are really excited to have this new addition to our farm.  He was a twin, so we are hoping for double trouble this Spring!


Still available for sale, two ewe lambs, Miss Peep and Miss Daisy,   They were born this year, so won’t be ready to be mamma’s until next year.

We will begin to take reservations for the lambs born on Cabin Creek Acres in the Spring of 2013, in December of this year.  Please use our contact page if you are interested in owning one of our wonderful little friends.

Lots of changes at Cabin Creek Acres

Sheep on the move 010The flock is reducing in size, although this isn’t all of them. Zeus, the ram, and Sydney and her daughter Sweet Thing have moved as a family to Saranac.  Happy Days ahead!                                                                                        

   .Snooze - Black Ram Snooze has now moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to a wonderful new home with lots of farm friends.  In his place,

You won’t believe this… Bunny Disco!

Hello from the Web Guy!

Our webcam has been back up for a few days now, featuring the latest baby bunnies found at Cabin Creek Acres. Did you know that we have a website all about our bunnies –

Well, we’re planning something super special for our bunnies and our viewers – a BUNNY DISCO! The bunnies get their own stage, with lights and music to hop to. It’s gonna be fun!

You can watch it LIVE here on Saturday night at 9pm Eastern. Also, at the bunnies regular site, AND we’ve made a super special site just for this event – BUNNYDISCO.COM!!

Tell your friends, pass the word, and we’ll see you all on Saturday night 9pm at BUNNYDISCO.COM!

250x250 bunnydisco promo

Snooze, Miss Daisy and Miss Peep

GEDC0239Miss Peep is the biggest, Snooze is the darkest, and Miss Daisy is still petite!

Zeus, Sydney, and Sweet Thing

GEDC0222Zeus, not as photogenic with his new haircutGEDC0226Sydney and Sweet Thing

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